Global Peace and Unity Festival 2024: A decade-long reunion

The wait is over! After a ten-year hiatus, the highly anticipated Global Peace and Unity (GPU) Festival triumphantly returns this October.  

Founded by Islam Channel, the GPU Festival is Europe’s largest Muslim, interfaith, and multicultural gathering, fostering understanding and connection across borders. 

A community’s longing answered 

“For a decade, the question has echoed: “When will the GPU Festival return?”  my travels across the UK and the world have consistently met this yearning. The answer is finally here – October 2024!” said Mohamed Ali Harrath Founder of Islam Channel 


More than an event, a cultural catalyst 

In 2005, the GPU Festival was born from a vision to celebrate the UK’s diverse communities. It aimed to bridge the gap between faiths, promoting understanding of Islam and fostering pride in British Muslim culture. We showcased the invaluable contributions Muslims make to society, both nationally and internationally.  


But the GPU Festival is more than just an event – it’s a cultural phenomenon.  Over a single weekend, it attracts a diverse audience exceeding 100,000, representing a spectrum of ages, ethnicities and languages. 


Uniting a divided world 

In today’s fractured world, unity is more crucial than ever. Divisive forces threaten to tear us apart.  

The GPU Festival 2024 stands as a powerful force for unity, offering an alternative path.  It celebrates the beauty of diversity and promotes peace through understanding.  


Unforgettable experiences await 

  • Global minds convene: The GPU conference brings together a prestigious panel of politicians, religious leaders, and thought leaders from across the globe. 
  • A hub of engagement: Immerse yourself in 25 focused events and exhibitions. Over 500 exhibitors, thousands of participants, and experts representing all sectors of the vibrant halal economy will be present. 
  • World stage exposure: Witness the entire event broadcast live on Islam Channel’s television and digital platforms, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. The impact extends beyond the weekend, with broadcasts continuing in the lead-up and aftermath. 
  • Amplified by global media: The GPU Festival generates significant media interest, with reports and commentary from the world’s press. 


A world-class venue awaits 

The grand return of the GPU Festival takes place at Excel London, one of Europe’s largest exhibition centres.  This venue boasts a stunning waterfront location in the heart of London’s Royal Docks, providing ample space for this momentous gathering. 


The Global Peace and Unity Festival 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for exciting updates on how to get involved.