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2 Days | 100,000 Visitors | 24 Events

Exhibit at the GPU Festival

The GPU Festival is the premier destination for reaching British Muslims. Joining us means becoming an integral part of a remarkable event that not only captivates and involves an audience surpassing 90,000 but also contributes to the enrichment of Muslim history in Britain and across Europe. 


With more than 18,000m2 of exhibition space, exhibitors will seize the opportunity to thrive during two full days of unparalleled exposure.  


Join us and be part of an event that goes beyond entertainment, making a lasting impact on both the audience and the Muslim narrative in the region. 

Benefits of Exhibiting

Exhibiting at the GPU Festival offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and organizations looking to engage with the Muslim community in Britain and beyond: 


  • Reach a target audience 
  • Engage with the community 
  • Meet new and existing clients 
  • Launch new products & services 
  • Enhanced visibility  
  • Brand Recognition 
  • Networking opportunities  
  • Market Research 
  • Showcasing your products & services 
  • Cost – effective marketing 

Exhibiting opportunities at the GPU Festival

Space only

Floor space 

Floor covering 

Show guide listing.  

Website listing 

Complimentary GPU tickets 

Access to the VIP lounge 

Opportunity to participate in the GPU promotional programmes on TV 

Shell Scheme

Standard shell scheme 

Floor covering 

PVC name board 

500 Watts Electricity  with 2 Spot lights 

1 table with 2 Chairs 

Showguide &  Website listing.  

Complimentary GPU tickets 

Opportunity to participate in the GPU promotional programmes on TV